• What should a company ask from an ERP system?
  • Does it suit your business?
  • Can it be customized so that it suits perfectly?
  • Does it incorporate a variety of cutting-edge technologies? (Multi-threading, Client / Server, Web Services)
  • Does it interoperate with all databases? (Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)
  • Does it have optimal performance in a multi user environment?
  • How complete is it in its benefits?
  • What kind of reporting and data analysis capabilities does it provide?
  • How quickly will it be integrated into the existing structure?
  • Is it user friendly?
  • Does it provide value for money?
  • How fast will it integrate into an existing structure?
  • Does it provide Mobile features?

QBIS answers yes to all these questions; it’s an integrated ERP system that perfectly meets the needs of even the most demanding commercial and industrial enterprises. But the most important thing that Qbis provides is not a set of positive answers to all the above questions but the deep knowledge of our executives that will just relieve you of having to ask them these specific questions. You will simply see the result of what you are asking for on your computer screen

An ERP is not just software, it is the people who support it, so that you can devote yourself better to what you should, to your own customers.


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